Facts about Russia

Interesting facts about Russia

Russia is unique country with its vast territory providing residence for millions of people. Here are some interesting facts that can be paid attention to before you go to Russia:
Geographical FactsRussia is the only country in the world washed by 12 seas.Lake Baikal in Siberia is the deepest lake in the world. It would take all the rivers of the world - Volga, Don, Dnepr and Yenisei, Ural and Ob, Ganges and Orinoko, Amazon and Thames, Seine and Oder - nearly one year to fill lake Baikal's basin.   Ladoga lake is the largest one in Europe. Its area covers  400 sq km.The Khibins are the highest mountains behind the polar circle of Russia. The Ural mountains that divide Russia into European and Asian parts are nearly the most ancient mountains in the world. There are more than 800 glaciers covering over 600 sq km in Altay. The famous Russian ski resort Dombay has about 20 km of ski routes.There is the only place in Russia with a hot spring rich in medical properties of mineral waters of Essuntuki and hydrosulfide baths. The legendary Trans-siberian route goes through 8 time zones in Russia, starting from Moscow with a final point in Bejing, China. The route covers over 9,000 km.The nearest point between 2 continents that divide Russia and the United States is only 4 km.Sightseeing factsMoscow is the first city in the world estimated by the number of milliarders, so it proves its status of the world's most expensive city.There are more than 40 operating fountains and 5 cascades in Peterhof, located in the suburbs of St.Petersburg. "Alexander and Natalie" located in the famous Arbat Street is the only Moscow fountain with drinking water.The cities and towns of  "Golden Ring" are a vivid encyclopedia of ancient Russian architecture.Moscow metro is the fastest means of transport, trains are scheduled for every 90 seconds in a rush hour. However, many people prefer to drive their own cars, though the drive from homes to the offices may take them longer in times, being stucked in Moscow traffic jams for hours.Russian peopleRussian people are not used to trusting everything cheap. Particular Russian feature is to sit up late in the kitchen and have  so-called "about-life" conversations. Russian people avoid speaking about their jobs. The intelligency level is of Russian people is considered up to 99%. There are nearly 600 universities in the country and having a university degree is the main reason to be prompted for a good job offer. Many Russian people prefer to spend their holidays and free time in ther summer houses outside the cities which are called "dacha". Any problem can be solved in Russia upon personal agreement. Russian people strive to be a European nation as their belief that everything European is better than Russian is quite difficult to change. Russian people like celebrations. They take a chance of every single reason to treat their colleagues - be it their birthday or a wedding, or a promotion within the company. Cakes, sweets, Russian sandwiches are always welcome! Hospitality plays a significant role in the Russian mentality and the Russian character, so once you make friends with Russian people you will surely value this amazing and unique feature of the so-called "Wide Russian soul".

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